Sean Hakim, Cinematic Director

Sean Hakim and I have been bringing our fusion for our passion of photographic and cinematic excellence together for the past 10 years. Sean is a dynamic and brilliant minded individual. As a professional motivational speaker, past actor and singer Sean has tapped into a brand of his own. A highly skilled cinematic director and editor, Sean and his talents are key to any cinematic piece. His ability to create a vision of cinematic excellence is clearly visible in any of his commissioned work.

Jorge Martinez, Graphic Designer 

Jorge Martinez and I have recently been acquainted and have moved quickly ever since. As our talented architecturally trained graphic artist, Jorge is the key to creating what originates from a thought into a digital pictorial vision. He creates a digital negative of what’s envisioned! Working as a Toronto based artist, Jorge thinks outside of the box and it’s his fresh and forward thinking that makes him stand out.





Katrina Eva Kozhuro, Digital Marketing Expert

Rounding out at number 4, miss social media and blogger Eva Kozhuro is a force to be reckoned with. Petite in stature, but a bold and vibrant young star, she is an arts and travel enthusiast who loves to incorporate her cultural experiences into her writing. Her passion for innovation fused with artistic expression is applied throughout her work. For everything social media and digital marketing related Eva is our gal!