Life's Beautiful Moments! Xo by Christina Sideris

I had the tremendous pleasure of documenting the new arrival of baby Logan and captured his first photographic session. Best friend and owner of Becoming Hair Studio, Suzanne and her husband Chris welcomed their first son into the world at the beginning of the year! I thought what a great idea to share with the world a photographic time capsule of a moment in time. The begging of something new. 

Much like this new blog - my first posting on,  I want to express myself, my life’s journey and my experiences along the way. To share what is not only captured behind the lens but me who I am, and my human experience. I want to share my vision, educate, create and explore all that the world has to offer.  I have the privilege to have a record of a moment in time, something that cannot be duplicated or recreated as that moment will never really exist again, a picture- something that can never be recreated. 

Time passes, people come and go but it’s what we learn and how we grow from each person who touches our life that I think truly matters. Young or old people, people, places, things a period of time - these all shape and impact our lives. Some for the better, some for well the experience and some just because -- its what we do in each situation that molds us into the human beings we are. The decision we make factor into what lies ahead of us. 

My intention in life is to never stop evolving, learning and exploring! To devote and aspire to be happy in my life. To be content in ones self. Each day is a blessing.. Let’s make it count!

I invite you to share this journey with me at Here’s to exploring both behind the lens and my experiences as a individual, an artist and as explorer! 

Adventure Can Be A Real Happiness!